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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. JESUS said to go and preach the gospel to the entire world.  Through music we can do just that and have made our songs available for free.  We are not driven by money, prestige, awards or anything this world has to offer.  We are striving to be obedient to God and what HE has instructed us to do with the talents HE has given us.

We are also dedicated to stopping the abuse of children. We do partner with community outreach organizations dedicated to exposing and ending modern day slavery, most commonly referred to as "Human Trafficking."

This is a our second mission for the Lord as well as pray with and for anyone that wants salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration etc.  Our LORD is majesty and can do the impossible and we believe HIM when HE says to bring our request before HIM. 

For additional information call Terynna (aka Trina) at 407-808-4586 or email her at  AND for more info on the human trafficking side of our ministry, please click on the link below to visit our sister page at:

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